Join us at Tusk for a summer party with KACHKA! Sam Smith (Tusk) and Bonnie Morales (Kachka) will serve their "mash-up" menu straight from the grill outside while the party continues inside with cocktails, dessert and surprises. Ticket includes "all you can eat" buffet style food throughout the evening. Also available for purchase: drinks, dessert, and a few menu surprises. Come early, stay late, it's a party!


Buffet Menu (included with ticket):

*The chefs drew inspiration from the Caucuses, where spices and flavors meld between those of the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


Uzbek-style pickled watermelon (Kachka)
Sumac pickled fennel (Tusk)

Lobio: kidney beans, feta, walnut and marigold salad (Kachka)
Cucumber, tomatoes, green tehina, seeds (Tusk)

Chicken thighs marinated in kefir and green coriander (Kachka)
Eggplant (Tusk)

Smoked Tkemali BBQ sauce (Kachka)
Adjika (Kachka)
Coriander-Sumac kefir sauce (Kachka)
Aleppo Chili Oil (Tusk)

Additional Items Available for Purchase:

Caviar with Tusk crispy bread, egg, and chives (Tusk)
Summer crudités with Muhammara and Sunflower Tahini (Kachka)

Honey tehina ice cream sandwich (Tusk)

Cocktails, beer and wine (with some special Russian additions for the night) from the bar